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Afghan Woman Create Nest Egg


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 Lafita has faced many challenges. Her husband is disabled, so the 47-year-old woman has been the sole source of income for her four daughters and two sons. She is illiterate and has limited opportunities to earn money. Prior to participating in a Roots of Peace women’s poetry project, Latifa struggled to get by working in other people’s homes tasing clothes, cleaning, baking bread and collecting straw to sell.

Luckily, her situation has changed for the better. When the women’s poetry project was first established in Zargaran Village in Bamyan Province, Bamyan Center, she and other poor and widowed women were introduced to it by the Women’s Community Development Council. Through the project, she has received 15 layer chicks, 100kg of balanced feed, a feeder, a water dispenser, and a mesh net. They also received appropriate training in poultry-rearing techniques.

Latifa is very pleased with the results of the project. IN addition to her household’s consumption of eggs, she is able to sell about 60 eggs per week for 350 Afghanis (approximately $7.75 USD). With this income, she is able to buy staples for her family. The positive changes in her life have made her feel much more at ease and happy, “I do not need to work away from my children to support my family anymore.”

Because of the susses she has had, Latifa wants to help expand the project to surrounding villages to assist other women. This way, they can also improve their lives through strengthening their economic prospects.

Roots of peace focuses on reducing poverty among rural Afghan farmers by dramatically increasing their productivity and quality of their products.