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Benazir Yakta Ltd has two years’ experience and expertise in the field of dried fruit and nut exports. The company currently exports their products to India, the UAE, France and UK. The company is registered with the Afghan Ministry of Industries & Commerce, Ministry of Finance, Afghan Chambers of Commerce, and Export Promotion Agency (EPAA). 

Benazir Yakta typically exports small volume shipments at present (between 1 and 3 tons), while striving to provide the highest quality in terms of product processing and packaging. The company also prides itself on on-time delivery.

With support from the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Commercial Horticulture and Agricultural Marketing Program (CHAMP), implemented by Roots of Peace (a California-based NGO) Benazir Yakta has participated in a Trade Mission to Delhi and Exhibition in Mumbai in 2018.; enabling Benazir to sign a significant number of deals with dried fruit and nut importers. The company also participated this year in Gulfood, the Middle East’s largest and most well-known food and beverage exhibition.

Benazir Yakta employs 80 women on a part time basis and five women full time. Employee numbers will undoubtedly grow as the business expands, improving the standard of living for her employees, women in particular.

 Benazir Yakta has also submitted a grant application to the CHAMP program to establish mechanical-precision capacity in almond sorting and grading, to produce graded almonds. With the equipment in hand, the company will be able to process larger volumes of almonds in shorter periods of time and reduce processing costs by 42%. The grant is expected to result in increasing the company’s almond exports and sales by more than 400%. Following grant implementation, Benazir Yakta Trading will be able to expand its reach to wholesalers in India and forge partnerships with a number of retailers in London and other parts of the world.