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To restore economic vitality by creating livelihood opportunities in post-conflict regions.

Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP), 2006–2010


Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP), 2006–2010 USAID funded project, managed by Chemonics International, $1,463,663

Afghanistan is a country which once boasted of an agricultural sector that contributed to more than 80% of the national income. More than 25 years of conflict, exacerbated by years of drought, has devastated this economic sector, vital to 80% of it’s population, and has left the country heavily dependent on food aid from international donors. Although considerable progress has been made since 2001, the country’s agriculture sector remains structurally weak. The rate of recovery in the agricultural sector will largely determine the nation’s overall rate of economic recovery and poverty reduction.

The three year Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP) is expected to contribute to Afghanistan's economic growth by stimulating private sector, demand driven agriculture led growth within open and competitive markets.

Afghan Projects Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP), 2006–2010 Beginning in December 2006, Roots of Peace, as part of a team of partners working with Chemonics International, will support the development of Afghan agricultural exports from the Shamali Plain, Herat, and Mazar-e-Sharif.Our work is focused on high value, sustainable crops that will provide improved income for rural farmers. This contract will also enable us to continue work to improve fruit and nut processing which began under the USAID funded RAMP project.