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To restore economic vitality by creating livelihood opportunities in post-conflict regions.

Alternative Livelihoods Project South, Conflict Reparations Project, 2006-2007


Alternative Livelihoods Project South, Conflict Reparations Project, 2006-2007 USAID funded project, managed by Chemonics International, $723,825 +

Active conflict continues in Kandahar province making it an ongoing challenge to implement programs of any kind due to the constant security threats. Panjwai and Zhari Districts contain the primary grape and raisin production areas in Kandahar. Grape and raisins are the primary sources of income for a majority of the residents in the area, providing an important alternative crop to poppies. Unfortunately, in September 2006, the fighting that took place during NATO’s Operation Medusa damaged many farms and dramatically reduced the harvest, leaving many farmers and traders with reduced incomes for the year.

Afghan Projects

Roots of Peace formed a rapid response project to help rebuild the damaged vineyards to re-establish this important licit crop.Our work was specifically targeted in Panjwai District to rebuild Kishmish Khanas (raisin drying barns) and vineyards destroyed by the fighting and improved upon these systems when possible. Over 200 reparations projects were completed to rebuild one of Afghanistan’s best agricultural regions.