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An Interview with Roots of Peace Partner Farmer Ho Xuan Dung

Ho Xuan Dung, a father of two, is one of our partner farmers in Vietnam participating in the SHADE program. Since beginning work with Roots of Peace in 2012, he has seen an immense increase in the the productivity of his farm. After a highly successful implementation of ROP's guidelines for his pepper orchard, he was selected to take part in a pilot project to see whether Taro could be grown in his area without the usual challenge of pests and diseases. So far, the results look positive with a healthy harvest expected later in the year. Q: How has being part of the SHADE project impacted your life? A: It has been a very positive experience and impact. The subsidy package is really good. It has made me very happy and given me something to believe in.

Q: What have you been able to afford with the increase in income (if any)? A: I’ve been able to continue investing into my orchards, expanding both the taro and the pepper.

Q: What would you change about ROP’s practices in Quang Tri? A: I just hope Roots of Peace continues supporting the farmers of Quang Tri, and to continue supporting and expanding taro trees and other crops.

Q: Have you passed the knowledge of pepper planting techniques learnt through SHADE to other farmers who are not participants in project? A: Yes, I always pass my knowledge on to other farmers!

Q: Do you see SHADE having a long-term positive effect for your family and the broader community? Q: It’s had a very positive effect. If the farmers in the project want to learn techniques and have the drive to apply them, then they will definitely succeed.

Q: How have your hopes changed since becoming part of the SHADE project? A: I have more confidence in life, and in ROP. I hope and believe our future will be brilliant.

Q: What are your hopes for your children? A: I hope they succeed in their studies and in their lives. I hope they have a good environment and condition to grow up in.

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