Roots of Peace
Peace and Prosperity is Our Product


To restore economic vitality by creating livelihood opportunities in post-conflict regions.


Peace is our product period. Roots of Peace has developed a formula that has been successfully implemented in different parts of the world. On Heidi’s trips to Croatia it was realized not only did the farming areas need demining, but farm productivity needed to be increased to make long term improvements for the citizens.

The holistic approach to the removal of landmines and unexploded ordinances combined with the removal of economical obstacles to peace is why Roots of Peace stands out in the international nonprofit community. The full value chain approach being taught to farmers and distributers is having great success in Afghanistan. By enabling the Afghans to increase productivity, and respectively their income, they have become part of the economic foundation of their community and country.

Sustainable peace is started in the community achieving sustainable farming which results in economic security. When economic success is shared by the neighbors,  the community thrives.

In a global context, this peace is able to take root in communities that have experienced military conflicts. The success of each farming family ripples out to their larger communities stands as Roots of Peace’s contribution to the global community and is a testament that peace is attainable and sustainable when we work together.

May this season of peace be enhanced for you by knowing your variety of donations, thoughts and prayers is positively contributing to world peace.

Thank you.


Joe Cresalia

Chairman of the Board

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