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To restore economic vitality by creating livelihood opportunities in post-conflict regions.

CHAIRMAN'S CORNER: Collaboration

Roots of Peace first project was in Croatia and made possible by Heidi connecting a wide assortment people and organizations. This collaboration grew to include a wide group of friends and soon to be friends including vintners from Napa Valley. This association was very interested in seeing the area crippled by the war in Croatian healed. Roots of Peace started with the goal of changing mines to vines. It was not long before the circle of collaborators expanded to include friends helping in the basement office, to experts from UC Davis on vintner culture, Secretary General from the UN, Kofi Annan, cooperate donations, Queen Noor of Jordan, demining organization MAG, Diane Disney Miller and family. The dream became a reality because of the collaborations that were woven into the fabric of Roots of Peace.

Roots of Peace's CHAMP program hosted a successful trade show in New Delhi this past month. This today is resulting in an increase demand on Afghan produce.  The Afghan farmers, who have implemented the Roots of Peace full value chain of farming, will be able to successfully meet this demand.

As the circle of collaborators is continuously expanding more individuals who understand the magnitude of what Roots of Peace is accomplishing, are making contributions to its success. Also in the expanding circle are non-profit organizations that work to make the world a better place such as Rotary International and the Middle East organization, Aga Khan, whose goal is to end world poverty. Reconnecting with past partners, like United Nations Mine Action Service keeps valuable resources in the circle. As we go forward more government partnerships will occur as we have seen in Vietnam, and then possibly in Angola, Colombia, Zimbabwe and many other possibilities.


The ultimate result of these collaborations is Sustainable Peace through profitable farming.


Thank you for being part of the Peace Solution.



Joe Cresalia

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