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To restore economic vitality by creating livelihood opportunities in post-conflict regions.

Get to Know Our Farmers: Ho Thanh Phuc

It doesn’t take much to see the devotion that Ho Thanh Phuc has for his family. A farmer and participant in the Roots of Peace SHADE program, Mr. Phuc’s stories always come back to those that he loves. He frequently says how proud he is to be able to support his children and grandchildren with the increased income he is earning from his pepper orchard: “I am trying to build a good life for my family…I feel more encouraged and my children are supported wholeheartedly.” Mr. Phuc’s positivity comes from the confidence and resources he has gained through SHADE – the Roots of Peace program in Vietnam that restores the economic livelihoods of poor rural farmers. Farmers in this program are given access to a comprehensive package of agricultural resources so they can establish commercial black pepper orchards. They also attend educational trainings on sustainable methods to dramatically increase the yield and quality of their crops.

As a result, farmers like Mr. Phuc are able to sell their pepper to new and profitable international markets. From Mr. Phuc, “Before I didn’t really know any techniques. When the crops came I just harvested and sold the product without any delay. Now that I know about techniques, I feel more confident in taking care of pepper. I can also calculate when it’s the best time to sell the product.”

By increasing incomes and creating jobs, programs like SHADE create less conflict and more stability for farmers in poverty. Participants are able to improve their quality of life and the lives of those around them. When asked what his hopes are, Mr. Phuc brings it back to his family, “That they are strong and healthy. Some of my children have married and some have graduated from university. I also want to support my grandchildren so they can go to school too.”

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