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To restore economic vitality by creating livelihood opportunities in post-conflict regions.

GULFOOD--The Silk Road to Business Opportunity

Dubai World Trade Center is host to GULFOOD, the world's largest food exhibition (February 18-22). The USAID CHAMP (Commercial Horticulture & Agricultural Marketing Program) implemented by Roots of Peace is hosting the Afghan Pavillion featuring over 25 traders.  On the first day of the opening, the Afghan traders negotiated an astonishing $2.2 million in trade contracts!

Afghanistan is a country which is 80% dependent upon agribusiness.  His Excellency Nasir Ahmad Durrani, Minister of Agriculture, and Kamela Sidiqi, Deputy Minister of Commerce, flew from Kabul to Dubai to attend the red ribbon cutting ceremony.  GULFOOD continues to play a pivotal role in connecting nations and suppliers, opening distribution channels for industry-related business, and highlighting Dubai's strategic role as a key trading hub for the global food industry.

The government of Afghanistan, USAID/CHAMP implemented by Roots of Peace, are committed to facilitating private-sector growth and making sure that investments are well-protected.  Located at the crossroads of Asia, Afghanistan is positioned to benefit from the surging consumer markets of India and China, and is primed to increase exports worldwide.

Since 2003, Roots of Peace has worked in Afghanistan to dramatically improve the economy.

The high quality saffron, fruits, vegetables and nuts now exported to new markets in India, Kazakstan, and U.A.E.

No where else in the world do pomegranates grow as big and as sweet!

Together, we are proudly giving the world a TASTE OF PEACE...!!

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