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To restore economic vitality by creating livelihood opportunities in post-conflict regions.

Improved Farming Techniques Lead to Lasting Hope

Ho Van Nam is a Roots of Peace black pepper farmer in Vietnam who joined our SHADE program in July 2014. In the short time that he has been participating in SHADE, Mr. Nam’s pepper orchard has becomes significantly more productive and effective. Mr. Nam credits this to the knowledge and skills he has gained through the Farmer Field School training:

I’ve learned how to care for pepper trees and how to avoid and treat quick-death and slow-death plants. Life is more convenient and happier as a result.

Mr. Nam is one of over 2,000 Vietnamese farmers participating in SHADE. The program teaches pepper farmers about improved agricultural techniques, which increase the quality and quantity of their crops. Roots of Peace also helps farmers meet international standards so that their pepper can be exported to high-value markets. As a result, farmers are able to increase their income and better provide for their families. Says Mr. Nam,

Before we took part in SHADE, my hopes were limited to just hoping my family would stay strong, not have any illness and remain free from poverty. Since taking part in SHADE and seeing the potential for our incomes to increase, I now find it reasonable to hope that my brothers and sisters and my daughter can go to school. I am confident that our lives will improve.