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Pepper Harvest in Vietnam

It's harvest time in Vietnam. All over the country, farmers are picking their pepper and preparing it for export. Once the pepper has been removed from the vine, it needs to be sorted. In Quang Tri and across the central region of Vietnam, this normally happens on a household level where the berries are separated from the spike, washed in water and left to dry in the sun, suspended on rattan mats. ROP paid a visit to one of the sorting centers specializing in these traditional methods to see how it's done. Harvesting black pepper

Ripening black pepper

Ripening black pepper

Hand-sorting ripened black pepper

Ripened black pepper corns after hand-sorting.

Sorted pepper corns are washed three times with clean water

Ripened pepper corns after washing


Ripened pepper corns are sun-dried on flat bamboo baskets for three days

The flat bamboo baskets are raised above the ground level to avoid animal waste contamination

The final product of late harvest

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