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To restore economic vitality by creating livelihood opportunities in post-conflict regions.



Roots of Peace Begins Crowdrise Competiton!

A Golden Opportunity for Peace.

People want to fight for just causes. They see the commercials, the news stories and they often agree with the causes that they see and agree that the work should be done. But as they don’t have millions to spend, and work all hours throughout the week, they deem themselves unable to help. It’s a depressing and Crowdrisefrustrating thought cycle that drives a person into the ranks of the apathetic and indifferent. To address this problem of circumstance, non-profit organizations and social media designers have come together to use social media to design an avenue for individuals to raise money for causes without needing money or a massive amount of time. Furthermore they have also made a concerted effort to make fundraising less of a chore and more of enjoyable and beneficial hobby. Crowdrise is the product of such efforts and the potential benefits that it could bring to an organization like Roots of Peace are nearly limitless.

Crowdrise is a website supported by the Huffington Post and the Skoll Foundation whose goal is to make fundraising easy and fun. They do this by allowing any person to post a fundraising event for a cause, and from there anybody can easily donate to it. The events range to everything from benefit dinners, to executives dying their hair a crazy color if a fundraising goal is reached. For a framework such as this, it’s helpful to have cause that everyone can agree with, which is why Roots of Peace is so well suited for Crowdrise. Any person who feels that landmines are bad thing is a potential team member, and all they have to do to get involved is think of one cool idea to raise money. In short, the site uses human originality, creativity, and general goofiness, as a tool to raise money for just causes and Roots of Peace can benefit enormously from taking advantage of it.

For more information, or better yet, to get started go to:

Join us as we turn Mines To Vines, and have fun while we do it!

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