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The Roots of Peace Global Citizen Award

The Global Citizen Award honors individuals who make extraordinary efforts in turning Mines To Vines—replacing the scourge of landmines with bountiful fields worldwide.  The recipients of this award represent a cross section of global citizens who have either toiled in the minefields or suffered the effects of landmines first-hand. Judy Collins, singer/songwriter, was presented the Roots of Peace Global Citizen Award 2013 on December 14, 2013. This prestigious award was presented at the historic Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley, California, by Heidi Kuhn, Founder/CEO. The crystal global-shaped award was designed by Cresalia’s Jewelers, the oldest jewelry company in San Francisco—established 1912. Mary and Joseph Cresalia joined Heidi Kuhn in the minefields of The Holy Land, and generously donated the award.

“Life goes full circle, as it was the music of Judy Collins which motivated an entire generation when I was a student attending the University of California at Berkeley.  Now, I am able to utilize my education by removing an estimated 3.5 million landmines and unexploded ordnance from the minefields of Vietnam nearly 40 years after the war has ended.  Judy’s voice for peace is essential in achieving this goal.” – Heidi Kuhn, Founder/CEO Roots of Peace

Judy has lent her voice to Roots of Peace on multiple occasions—performing at The Isaiah Wall, Roots of Peace Garden, United Nations, Queen Mary 2 at NY Harbor, and Marin County Fair lending her voice to create music of hope and healing. Judy Collins’ social history has always been linked with her musical history during a career which has spanned for over 50 years beginning with the Peace Movement from 1960’s. For the past decade, Judy Collins has been a champion of the landmine issue, affecting 70 countries worldwide. In tribute to the tragedy of Sarajevo, Ms. Collins wrote the music and lyrics to “I Dream of Peace,” singing for the children of the world, who suffer the perils of landmines—an estimated 70 million landmines in over 70 countries.

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