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Roots of Peace Trade Office Opens in Kazakhstan

The Roots of Peace CHAMP trade office in Almaty, Kazakhstan, was officially opened on February 10, 2018. Gary Kuhn, President, Roots of Peace, led the historic 'red ribbon cutting ceremony' featuring Ambassadors from both Afghanistan and Kazakhstan celebrating the opening of the new trade routes benefiting Afghan farmers.

Over 150 guests attended, including Central Asia business leaders, government officials and exporters.

Afghanistan is a country which is 80% dependent upon agriculture.  The opening of the new trade corridor offers Afghans the opportunity to sell produce to new markets and provides income for rural farmers.  Since 2003, Roots of Peace has worked directly with Afghan farmers providing hope by planting over 5 million fruit trees in all 34 provinces impacting over 1 million farmers and families.  Access to new markets provides food security and builds sustainable peace in the region.

The Roots of Peace CHAMP trade office funded by USAID, will facilitate the import of both fresh/dried fruits and vegetables to wholesale markets, supermarkets, and major importers--linking Afghan farmers with Central Asia buyers.  The trade office will explore new ways for freight forwarding from Afghanistan through various land routes to Kazakhstan and provide linkage facilitation to Afghan exporters.  This penetration into new markets will increase sales and boost exports from Afghanistan to Central Asia.

Deep roots have been planted by Roots of Peace, as we teach young Afghan farmers to turn 'swords into plowshares' by leading with the shovel, not the gun.  The fruits of our labor may be measured by impact on families and sustainable peace through trade.

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