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To restore economic vitality by creating livelihood opportunities in post-conflict regions.



Thank You to Our Legends of the Vine

As Roots of Peace celebrates our 16th anniversary, we honor those who have walked with us along this journey. Together, our footsteps have turned Mines to Vines—replacing the scourge of landmines with bountiful vineyards worldwide.

Miljenko Grgich

The man who never forgot where he came from.Mike Grgich

Milejenko "Mike" Grgich has always remembered his roots.

This legendary vintner won the Paris Tasting in 1976, which established the Napa Valley. Now, he has returned to his roots in Croatia to literally plant the Roots of Peace in his homeland.

Through his generous donations, thousands of landmines have been removed from the panoramic coastline. In the fields of Bastica, bountiful vineyards and apple orchards are blooming on former war-torn lands.


Margrit Mondavi

A Harvest of Joy.Margrit Mondavi

Margrit and Robert Mondavi were the original donors to Roots of Peace in 1998, providing the initial funds to turn ideas into reality.

Their collective vision and leadership have been the driving force behind Roots of Peace. The private dinner at the Robert Mondavi winery resulted in the funds necessary to turn mines to vines in Dragaic Croatia - benefiting thousands of farmers and families.


Scooter Simmons

Businessman with a mind for Peace.Scooter Simmons

Scooter Simmons is a longtime San Francisco Bay Area restaurateur from an entrepreneurial family that conceived and created San Francisco's well-known landmark, PIER 39.

During the past decade, he has provided valuable agricultural knowledge, resulting in food security for families living in war-torn regions of the world. His legacy as an international culinary leader has benefited farmers in Afghanistan and Vietnam.


Diane Disney Miller

A Magic Kingdom for All Children to Live in Peace.Diane Disney Miller

Thank You Diane Disney Miller!

Diane Disney Miller, daughter of Walt Disney, provided the funds to Roots of Peace to remove landmines in the Shomali Plains located north of Kabul, Afghanistan. During the years of war, the vineyards were burned and mined in an effort to destroy the spirit of the Afghan farmers. Today, trellis grapevines are now flourishing on former minefields and Afghan farmers are now doubling their income.

Once war-torn lands are now yielding a harvest of hope for future generations of Afghan families to thrive- a Disney dream come true!

Join us as we work to turn dreams into reality by turning Mines to Vines.


A Special Thank you to all our donors for the countless footsteps you have saved by planting the Roots of Peace on Earth.. Thank You to Our Legends of the Vine.

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