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Vietnamese Pepper Arrives in California

Roots of Peace recently received a 12.5 MT shipment of black pepper directly from our partner farmers in Vietnam! Vietnam pepper has a rich history and the country is now the #1 exporter of black pepper worldwide. Pepper from Central Vietnam, where Roots of Peace runs the SHADE program, is known within Vietnam as having some of the best quality within the country and worldwide. The Roots of Peace team worked with the pepper from the very beginning of the production all the way to the final delivery in California. After enabling our partner farmers to produce a quality product by providing them with the training and inputs necessary to grow high-value black pepper, Roots of Peace bought their product directly from them. This model ensures that the quality of the pepper remains high and that the farmers receive a more premium price to account for the improved quality.

Funds generated by the wholesale pepper sales are reinvested back into Roots of Peace programs worldwide – assisting us to sustainably run our programs for the long term and continue to help communities in need.

ROP Pepper from Vietnam

ROP Pepper from Vietnam

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