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8. CHAMP benificiary grape farmer with his sons.JPG

Mohammad Shafi, who comes from a long line of grape farmers, stands with his three sons in his trellised vineyard in the Shomali Plains, North of Kabul.

With Roots of Peace’s support, Shafi has trellised his vineyard, increasing sunlight and ventilation to his grapes. This is an improvement over the traditional method of growing grapes in bushes close to the ground, which leaves them vulnerable to diseases, pests, mold and the elements.

Shafi said he has doubled his grape yield and his income through trellising. With Roots of Peace’s assistance, he is also selling his grapes to a local trader who exports them to Pakistan, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

Shafi said his three sons will keep up the family tradition of grape farming, but they will continue the old business with the modern method of trellising.