Roots of Peace
Peace and Prosperity is Our Product



We have impacted over 1.1 million farmers and family members, spanning seven countries –

Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Croatia, Iraq, Vietnam and Israel / Palestine.


Our work has facilitated exports worth over $250 million USD. Much of our work requires the removal of landmines and unexploded ordinance. Through our work with our partners, we have facilitated the removal of over 105,000 landmines and unexploded bombs.



Afghanistan is our flagship country. Since we began work in the country in 2003, we have worked with over two dozen agricultural value chains throughout every province in the country, planting over 5 million trees, creating over 10,000 full-time jobs and facilitating exports worth over $125 million. Our impact goes beyond these numbers. Please browse below to see some highlights of how our work has been a catalyst to a much bigger impact in supporting the maximization of farmer incomes and promoting peace at the community level.


Rebuilt Afghanistan’s Agriculture sector


Issue: Grapes in Afghanistan have historically been grown bush style which has had adverse affects on quality and yield.

Solution: To address this we introduced trellising. Farmers were slow to adapt so we led a successful pilot program which quickly turned them into believers. Wood is very expensive in Afghanistan so we designed trellis posts made with concrete and rebar and setup 3 competing businesses for production. Region by region we expanded.

Impact: Now we have supported over 6,000 farmers as they converted to trellised vineyards which has increased their income by up to 400%.

Commercial Horticulture & Agriculture marketing Program: AKA “CHAMP”

Issue: After 30 years of conflict supply chains bringing Afghan produce to markets were broken or non-existent leaving the farmers stuck with low demand for their low quality product that sold for low prices to mostly local markets.

Solution: To address this the CHAMP program was created in 2010 first improved quality production, then focused on piloting shipments to high value markets while improving processing techniques to meet the demands of these markets, then established market connections with hypermarkets and now has led Afghan delegations to trade shows.

Impact: Afghan agricultural exports have improved from $291 million when the project started in 2010 to $747 million in 2017 which represents $456 million in new exports as compared to only $76 million in growth for non-agricultural goods. ROP has directly facilitated over $120 million of that growth.



Introduction of higher quality pepper


Issue: Pepper farmers of Quang Tri are subject to global fluctuations in the commodity pricing of black pepper which leads them vulnerable to cyclical dips in pricing.

Solution: To combat this, our team in working in partnership with American spice companies identified opportunities to transition farmers to gourmet black pepper production which offers improved pricing.

Impact: This connection to a high value market allows farmers to improve their incomes and develop long-term relationships with buyers that ensures they have a strong market for their pepper moving forward.



Rebuilding after Civil War

Issue: The country was plagued with landmines and high unemployment rates leaving rural communities in difficult situations.

Solution: Our team designed a program to demine the ancient migratory path of elephants and create a wildlife reserve creating job opportunities for the local people.

Impact: The government appreciated our concept and decided they were capable of implementing it themselves, this project is still under development.



Transforming mines to vines in Europe

Issue: Many vineyards were abandoned during the war as they were riddled with landmines, leaving the farmers returning to their communities unable to make a decent living.

Solution: We facilitated the removal of landmines clearing over 500,000 square meters of land and helped reestablish vineyards using modern techniques with farmers from 8 wine growing regions.

Impact: Croatia is now mine-free with the exception of a nature preserve in a remote part of the country and the wine industry has now fully rebounded.



Promoting Peace in Israel / Palestine

Issue: Rural communities in the West Bank were living under very difficult situations in areas that were still plagued by landmines, yet demining in Palestine was heavily restricted due to Israeli law.

Solution: Our team worked with a young landmine victim named Daniel Yuval to pass unanimous new legislation through the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) allowing for humanitarian demining operations in Palestine and to form a mine action center.

Impact: We facilitated the demining of Husan Village in the fields of Bethleham in the first ever humanitarian demining cooperation between Isrealis & Palestinians allowing the land to be returned to agricultural production.



Robust farms build peaceful communities

Behind every impact number, is a human face and a personal story. Read the inspiring stories about some of the lives we have impacted.