Roots of Peace
Peace and Prosperity is Our Product


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Remove + Restore + Rebuild

For more than twenty years, Roots of Peace has worked in war-torn lands around the world to remove the remnants of war and restore the land in order to rebuild peaceful communities for generations to come.

Our “Mines to Vines” approach has impacted over one million farmers and families, enabling the export of over 100,000 metric tons of fresh and dried fruit and nuts worth over $150 million USD to international markets.


Remove the remnants of war

Our work often begins with clearing the land of mines and UXOs that remain hidden after war. This ensures the safety of local communities and unlocks the economic potential of these lands.


Restore the land

We transform agriculture industries to provide better pricing for our project farmers which leads to peace in their communities.

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Rebuild lives

Ensuring the stability of farming families builds stronger communities and ultimately reduces the chance of future conflict.

"You have turned mines into vines by replacing the seeds of destruction with the seeds of life...and you have shown the world that even with modest beginnings, a partnership backed up by persistence can make a real difference."

-His Excellency Kofi Annan

United Nations Secretary-General


it all starts with solid roots

You can change the future of farming families living in war-torn lands. Your donation will provide the tools, training and market access needed to improve their incomes. Join us in planting the Roots of Peace.