Roots of Peace
Peace and Prosperity is Our Product



Our proven methodology is rooted in a philosophy of providing market-driven solutions tailored to rural communities of war-torn lands, serving as a catalyst for industry wide development. Combined with the support of our partners in removing the remnants of war, this lasting socio-economic impact is how Peace and Prosperity is our product.


Established Over twenty four agricultural supply chains


Over fifty agricultural Programs Completed


Over 1.1 million farmers and family members impacted



Roots of Peace is a catalyst for change by improving the income of smallholder farmers of war-torn lands.


Step 1: removing remnants of war

Often before undertaking a program, demining is required. Landmines and other live munitions contaminate many areas of post-conflict developing countries and are often detonated by an unsuspecting farmer, child or animal. Roots of Peace expertise is not in removing landmines. We rely upon our demining partners that include organizations such as MAG and HALO. After our demining partners have safely removed leftover munitions, Roots of Peace returns the land to economic self-sufficiency.


Step2: training farmers to meet market demand

Farmers of war-torn lands often sell their products to less than optimal markets and have minimal information in regards to what levels of quality improvements can lead to improved pricing. This leads them to make ill-informed decisions in regards to crop selection, production techniques and post-harvest processing that limits their income potential. To remedy this, we first identify the best markets for the produce and the demands of their consumers then we train the farmers to meet these standards so that they can maximize their incomes.


Step 3: strengthening supply chains

Another key ailment of farmers of war-torn lands is that they suffer from the effects of fractured supply chains. A strong supply chain is important for any product to get to the market in a timely manner, in good condition and at a good price, yet this need is amplified with the perishability of fresh produce. To remedy this we work with all steps of the supply chain from cardboard box producers to ensure the farmers can get their produce to whichever markets are most attractive while doing so on equitable and competitive terms.


Step 4: facilitating market linkages

As farmers produce improved quality product at higher yields, finding interested buyers becomes increasingly important. We identify high value markets interested in the produce of the project farmers, and create connections from the markets directly to the local farmers and associations. This enables farmers to understand the needs of the market and adjust their production, harvesting and post-harvest processing accordingly while developing stronger relationships with the markets themselves. This results in improved incomes for the farmers.